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TECMEC-TF 2014 was founded in Manresa (Barcelona) in 2014. Its premises host a range of machines enabling the company to offer global solutions to its customers in machining, reducing both delivery terms and manufacturing and logistics costs.
We collaborate following the goal of continual improvement and our customers’ satisfaction.

Quality policy and certifications

TECMEC-TF 2014 is a company specialized in high complexity large-size parts machining as well as short and medium series-produced parts. We can deliver your parts together with a dimensional report made with a three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine.
Our main interest is to identify all stakeholders’ expectations and requirements in order to meet them and, thus achieve a global growth within our environment.
Therefore, processes are always designed considering how important every task is and in compliance with the legal requirements and the current regulations.

Taking this into account, the Management of TECMEC-TF 2014 requests:

-Proactive team involvement and collaboration that will lead to implement, maintain and improve the Quality Management System of the company.

-All employees’ accountability with the quality of their work and in compliance with the preventive measuresregardless their task or position in the organization chart.

-Employee awareness regarding the fact that each and every activity carried out in the company influences the quality of the final product.

Taking this into account, the Management of TECMEC-TF 2014 is committed to:

-Provide the necessary training for a correct development of the activities that are related to work and in compliance with the legal requirements.

-Provide the necessary resources to the organization so that the Quality Management System and its continual improvement progress conjointly with the expectations from stakeholders as well as the current laws and regulations.

-This policy will be the basis to identify and stablish the company annual objectives.